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Black & White And Dead All Over

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 The legendary New York Globe is on the ropes. Readership, advertising, and circulation are all going down - along with the paper's vaunted standards. But that's nothing compared to the chaos that erupts one rainy September morning when the body of a powerful editor is found in the newsroom, an editor's spike hammered into his chest and an enigmatic note attached. The problem, a young NYPD woman detective soon discovers, is that there are so many suspects. She teams up with a clever and rebellious reporter and their investigation navigates ink-infested waters: a resentful old guard, a plagiarist, a corrupt security chief, a bumbling publisher, a scheming executive editor and a ruthless newspaper takeover tycoon named Lester Moloch - and that's only on the surface. Confusion multiplies along with the victims.

                                                                                 (Knopf, 2008)

"Black and White and Dead All Over" is above everything else a page-turner, but there's also a message contained therein. By the end of the book, Mr. Darnton's respect for the life-and-death power of the written word is readily apparent."
                                                                                           --The New York Times                                                         

"Darnton knows the territory….He brings to this book a reporter's keen eye and a terrific ear for dialogue…I can imagine him hunched over his typewriter and smiling." 
                                                                                           --the Chicago Tribune

"Darnton has written an affectionate, romantic and at moments sentimental book about newspapers….He gets almost everything about newspapering right, notably the atmospherics of a gossipy newsroom, with its discontents and ambitions."
                                                                                            --The Washington Post