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New York City: A thirteen-year-old boy named Tyler lies in a hospital, his brain damaged in a tragic rock-climbing accident. By his bedside, his father, Scott, stands helplessly, as two very different scientists take care of the boy's fate. One is a neurosurgeon hungry for fame whose unorthodox experiments use computers to control a patient's physical responses during surgery. The other is a researcher with experiments of his own, ones so secret he can breathe them to nobody: his attempts to find the spark of human consciousness … and capture it forever. Together, they will produce a result beyond anything they could have conceived, sending Tyler far beyond the frontiers of medical science into an astonishing netherworld of man and machine-a place no living person has gone before and from which one desperate person will try to bring him back.

                                                                                                        (Dutton, 2002)

"… a provocative glimpse of what lies beyond the frontiers of both medicine and artificial intelligence … clearly well-researched and tightly plotted thriller."

"Brain surgery actually is brain surgery, which leads to complex medical passages, but Darnton skillfully navigates those while keeping the suspense at full throttle. The science and cyber-philosophy, at first far fetched, become all too chillingly believable in the author's expert hands.


"The settings are cinematic and often memorably creepy; the characters are just complex enough to engage our sympathy or loathing; the technical bits - brain surgery, bizarre neurological syndromes, sinister computer devices - ring authentic; the plot mechanics are good, keeping the pulse racing all the way to the denouement."
                                                                                                       --The New York Times

"He makes the science accessible but not intrusive while adding sometimes lurid plot twists. The suspense is largely psychological and emotional though no less frightening in its moral and religious implications."
                                                                                                              --Library Journal

"For readers who prefer to hit the ground running and never look back, John Darnton has delivered a medical sci-fi thriller…"
                                                                                                            --Chicago Tribune

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