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On a remote island off the Southeast coast a group of young people are totally cut off from the U.S. mainland. They are test subjects being raised in the Lab, a place of almost idyllic conditions-except that from time to time a number of them disappear for mysterious surgeries. One, Skyler, discovers a friend dead in an operating room-with his heart removed-and escapes. He makes his way to New York City and, with a newspaper photo in hand, tracks down Jude, a journalist, who is genetically identical. They search for the mystery of their birth, aided by Tizzie, a doctor with her own dangerous secret. Hunted by unknown pursuers, they flee across country, drawn into the vortex of a conspiracy at the very heart of America's power structure. 
                                                                                                                    (Dutton, 1999)
On the best-seller list of The New York Times, translated into 8 languages

"John Darnton's vivid prose, intriguing characters and scientific precision make him a Renaissance storyteller with the spooky imagination of Poe. Darnton's piercing eye and unwavering voice hold you hostage from the first page, and his eerie insight into human nature is as beautiful as it is ugly. He thrills and haunts."
                                                                                                              --Patricia Cornwell

"One of the summer's scariest novels … a believably frightening excursion into the science that is already upon us."            
                                                                                                         --New York Daily News

"The plot spirals into a double helix of intrigue … a galloping tale. The central anxieties of The Experiment strongly reflect the velocity of our technologies and the godlike desires of our nature, which, we know, are set to collide in the new century."
                                                                  --Colin Harrison, New York Times Book Review

'Full of cutting-edge mystery, suspense and controversy."
                                                                                                  --Liz Smith, New York Post

"A first-rate thriller… Darnton marries DNA twists with plot twists, (and) makes the improbable seem not only possible but downright inevitable … a gripping, at times harrowing cautionary tale."
                                                                                                       --Rocky Mountain News

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